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Tv and Radio in 1964
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Television in 1964 consisted of two channels BBC and ITV until April the 20th when BBC2 started broadcasting. BBC2 was only broadcast on the 625 line UHF system, so was not available to viewers with 405 line VHF sets. This created a market for dual standard receivers which could switch between the two systems. BBC ONE and ITV later joined BBC TWO on 625-line UHF but continued to broadcast on 405-line VHF until the early 1980s. All programmes were in Black and White and BBC TWO became the first British channel to broadcast in colour in the summer of 1967. BBC ONE and ITV simultaneously introduced colour on UHF in late 1969.

Top Twenty TV Shows in 1964 were 1. Steptoe and Son (BBC) 2. Sunday Palladium (ITV) 3. Coronation Street (ITV) 4. Dick Powell Theatre (BBC) 5. Take Your Pick (ITV) 6. Royal Variety Show (BBC) 7. No Hiding Place (ITV) 8. Armchair Theatre (ITV) 9. It's Tarbuck (ITV) 10. Crane (ITV) 11. Stars and Garters (ITV) 12. Double Your Money (ITV) 13. Emergency Ward Ten (ITV) 14. Around the Beatles (ITV) 15. Frank Ifield Show (ITV) 16. The Avengers (ITV) 17. Christmas Comedy (ITV) 18. Miss World 1964 (ITV) 19. Max Bygraves (ITV) 20. Love Story (ITV)

Top of the Pops began on New Years Day 1964 in a studio set in an old disused church in Manchester. The first show was presented by DJ Jimmy Savile. It featured (in order) The Rolling Stones with "I Wanna Be Your Man'", Dusty Springfield with "I Only Want to be With You", the Dave Clark Five with "Glad All Over", The Hollies with "Stay", The Swinging Blue Jeans with "The Hippy Hippy Shake" and The Beatles with "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

On the Radio there was the Light, Third and Home Services. Radio1 did not start until September 1967 when Light Third and Home were renamed Radio 2 3 and 4 respectively.

A number of unlicensed radio stations have been located on ships anchored off Britain's coasts. However, Radio Caroline was the first such station to broadcast all-day using the English language beginning on March 28th 1964. The station's tenacity in surviving for some forty years has established Radio Caroline as a household name for offshore radio.

At the cinema the new films in 1964 included Mary Poppins, Goldfinger, Pink Panther, A Hard Days Night and My Fair Lady.

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