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That'll Teach 'em Too at the fictional Hope Green Secondary Modern School
Britain in 1964
What life was like in 1964 Tv programmes, music, roads and general items of nostalga of the year 1964.

Background to the series.

First Episode
Summary of the first episode of the series.

Time Table
A typical day's Timetable at Hope Green.

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Following the success of the That'll Teach 'em series last summer which took 30 predicted A grade GCSE students back to 4 weeks of 1950's style education the series is back again with a difference.

This year the programme (That'll Teach 'em Too) is based around the sort of vocational education pupils would of received in the 1960's at a secondary modern school. So 15 boys and 15 girls with predicted C-, D- and E-grade GCSE's have been selected to go to the fictional Hope Green Secondary Modern using the timeline of 1964.
This part of the sixties was chosen as it is just before the beginning of the introduction of the comprehensive school system. More details can be viewed about these changes by using the background link on the left.

For four weeks the 30 pupils will be at the Royal Grammar School High Wycombe in the wing that has been transformed into the Sixties Hope Green Secondary Modern School. They will face the regime of Headmaster Roger Fawcett, which will include early bed times, lots of exercise and lessons in community as well as the waxed toilet paper and kippers for breakfast.
For their education the girls will be studying cooking and childcare while the boys will have lessons in brick laying and carpentry.
In cooking for example the girls will have to learn how to use their hands to mix cakes and knead bread and to type with an old fashioned typewriter with carbon paper and a rubber for corrections.
The boys will learn to do woodwork with traditional tools using for example a bit and brace rather than the Black and Decker power drill.

Here at we would like to welcome any of the pupils of the That'll Teach 'em Too series to join in and discuss their experience with our members and the pupils from the first series.
We would also welcome new members that are fans of Kings School and Hope Green Secondary Modern School or of course ex RGS pupils.

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